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Animation Sensations has been a world leading Animation Art Gallery since 1989. We specialize in buying and selling original vintage and contemporary animation art from Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, Peanuts, Linda Jones Enterprises and other animation studios. 

Our vast collection of original animation art includes production cels, production drawings, storyboards, layouts, original backgrounds, and limited edition cels featuring some of the most beloved characters ever brought to life by the world's best animators.

Buying or selling animation art? Look no further than Animation Sensations for the best, most professional animation gallery found anywhere in the world!

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  • Walt Disney Production Cel on Hand Painted Background By a Disney Artist from The Little Mermaid

    We have a wonderful original Production Cel from Walt Disney’s The Little Mermaid featuring Ariel and Prince Eric. This scene takes place right after Ariel saves Eric from drowning when a sudden storm and explosion destroys his ship. Ariel and Eric lay on the beach. “No, look! He's breathing. He’s so beautiful,” Ariel says before she begins to sing Part of Your World (Reprise). "What I would give to live where you are. What I would pay to stay here beside you." In this piece, you can see the dark clouds begin to dissipate as golden light shimmers through. The background is custom hand painted watercolor by a Disney artist. This scene is signifigant because Eric only is able to remember her voice as she sings to him, and it is how he tries to find his mystery love who saved him. Call For Value. 

  • Peanuts Animation Art Limited Edition Lithograph "Play Ball"


    We are pleased to offer a wonderful original Peanuts lithograph titled “Play Ball.” This piece features classic main characters and best pals Charlie Brown and Snoopy. This lithograph, created and signed by Charles Schulz, is based on the classic black and white comic and shows us the iconic characters and backgrounds reimagined in full color. The bright blue sky and Charlie Brown's bright red shirt pop brilliantly with the pale yellow baseball hats and  green grass. In this print, Snoopy and Charlie Brown (or the round-headed kid as Snoopy calls him) stand together on the pitchers mound wearing matching baseball hats and catcher’s mitts. Baseball was probably a good choice because in all 17,897 comic strips, Charlie Brown never once successfully kicks the football from Lucy. He did however, kick the football one single time when Schroeder holds the ball for him in 1967.  $2000 framed.

  • Original Chuck Jones Production Cel of the Grinch

    We are pleased to offer an original  Production Cel featuring the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. In this scene the Grinch has his Santa Claus costume on and thinks he is ready to carry out his plan to stop Christmas. He soon realizes he is missing a reindeer for his evil plan, but quickly thinks of a solution. “So he took his dog Max and he took some black thread and he tied a big horn on the top of his head.” The large antler is too heavy for little Max and he droops down to the floor. This Production Cel shows the Grinch in his Santa Claus outfit with the saw that he uses to cut the antler into a smaller size. The lighter antler allows Max to slowly rise back up, blinking towards the camera and looking very confused. This Production Cel is signed by Chuck Jones, who also redesigned the Grinch from the original black and white character to the iconic character we know today. Chuck Jones designed the animated Grinch after his own smile and appearance. SOLD.  


  • Original Walt Disney Four Production Cel Set-up from The Lion King

    We have a wonderful  four layer Production Cel set-up, one of which is a production overlay, and one of which is a production underlay from Sotheby's Auction, Lot 45. These cels are from Walt Disney's The Lion King. This scene takes place as Simba, Nala and Zazu are walking through the savannah on the way to the waterhole, or thats what Zazu thinks. Simba and Nala whisper to each other and plan to sneak off to an elephant graveyard and "ditch the Dodo". In the Cel, you can see Zazu with his wing extended as he proudly announces to Simba and Nala that they are betrothed. "Yuck" and "Ew" they exclaim. Simba declares that he will simply change this rule when he is king and leads into the musical number “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.” This Cel has an exciting history, originally being auctioned at Sotheby’s for $26,450 in 1995. $6000 framed