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Animation Sensations has been a world leading Animation Art Gallery since 1989. We specialize in buying and selling original vintage and contemporary animation art from Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, Peanuts, Linda Jones Enterprises and other animation studios. 

Our vast collection of original animation art includes production cels, production drawings, storyboards, layouts, original backgrounds, and limited edition cels featuring some of the most beloved characters ever brought to life by the world's best animators.

Buying or selling animation art? Look no further than Animation Sensations for the best, most professional animation gallery found anywhere in the world!

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  • Original Walt Disney Production Cel on Courvoisier Background featuring Jiminy Cricket

    We are pleased to offer an original Walt Disney Production Cel on airbrushed Courvoisier Background featuring Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio. Like every animated Disney character, Jiminy went through an evolution of designs. Some of the earliest ones resembled more of a realistic cricket. According to animator Ward Kimball, this was a disgusting sight, so he made the character more and more of a cartoonish and sweet-looking creature to the point that the audience only knows he's a cricket because the film tells them.

    In this Production Cel on airbrushed Courvoisier background, Jiminy finds Pinnochio playing pool and smoking cigars with Lampwick. He is immediately angry and tries to tell Pinnochio to go home. Lampwick laughs and knocks Jiminy Cricket down with the 8 ball. When Pinnochio defends Lampwick, Jiminy Cricket says he gives up his job of being Pinnochio's conscious.

    The expression “Jiminy Cricket!” that is the characters’ namesake is said in two other Disney films. When the dwarfs first encounter an Snow White in their cottage, they hide in the forest and proclaim "Jiminy Crickets!" Mickey Mouse says it several times in the 1938 cartoon The Brave Little Tailor. Own a piece of animation history today! This special cel is available for only $1,995 framed.

  • Hanna Barbera Production Cel from Fender Bender featuring Muttley, Signed by Hanna, Barbera, Takamoto

    We are pleased to offer an original Hanna Barbera  Production Cel on color copy background from Fender Bender featuring Muttley. The cel is signed by Bill Hanna, Joe Barbera and the mat is signed by Iwao Takamoto. The inscription on the mat states “To Daniel, Best Wishes, Iwao Takamoto,” with a drawing of Dick Dastardly. Iwao Takamoto had a very prolific career and designed a great majority of Hanna-Barbera characters, including Scooby-Doo and Astro. Iwao Takamoto created the character Dick Dastardly as the production designer of the Hanna Barbera show “Wacky Races” and the spin-off “Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines.”

    In both series, Dick Dastardly was one of the drivers who competed in each episode for first place. Dastardly was aided in his schemes by his sidekick, a scruffy anthropomorphic dog named Muttley who had a distinctive wheezy laugh, heard most often when Dastardly's schemes failed. Muttley also hated bad remarks about him. When Dastardly calls Muttley dumb or an idiot he bites his hand or growls at him angrily.

    While Muttley didn’t talk, Dick Dastardly was known for his signature catchphrases. At the end of each episode you could hear him exclaiming "Drat, drat and double drat!" or "Triple drat!" and even "Curses, foiled again!" His other main catchphrase was, "Muttley, do something!”  Own a piece of animation history today! SOLD

  • Original Walt Disney Production Cel from The Little Mermaid featuring Ariel and Eric

    We are pleased to offer an original Production Cel on color copy background from The Little Mermaid featuring Ariel and Eric. In this scene, Ariel has just regained her voice after successfully disrupting Ursula’s attempt to marry Prince Eric. Out of his trance, Eric runs over to Ariel and says “You’re the one! it was you all the time!” Just then, the sun sets and Ursula drags Ariel back into the ocean. 

    Water is very complicated to animate and the artists at disney speculate they painted millions of bubbles during the production of The Little Mermaid. To animate the shipwreck and Ursula’s emergence from the sea, the animators studied scenes from Pinocchio involving Monstro.

    The Little Mermaid was the last Disney film to use the cel animation process. Disney animation since before Snow White cel animation required animator’s drawings to be copied onto clear sheets of plastic, painted on the opposite side and laid over the hand painted backgrounds. 

    The old method was replaced with a computer version called CAPS (Computer Animation Production System), which Pixar developed to allow drawings to be scanned, colored and composited digitally. The final shot of Mermaid was finished using CAPS. In this Production Cel on color copy background, Eric measures 6 1/4" tall. Own a piece of animation history today! $2,800 framed

  • Original Walt Disney Key Production Cels Setup on matching Production Background featuring Pinocchio and Geppetto

    We are pleased to offer a Key Production Cel Setup on Matching Production Background featuring Pinocchio and Geppetto from Pinocchio. In this scene, Geppetto is getting Pinocchio ready for his first day of school with a the other “real little boys and girls.” He wipes off an apple and tells Pinocchio to give it to his teacher. But Pinocchio never reaches school because Honest John stops and convinces him to go for the “easy way” and become an actor.

    The Walt Disney thought so highly of the visual artistry of Pinocchio he staged exhibitions of original artwork at the Brooklyn Museum and two other New York galleries to coincide with the film's Big Apple premiere in February 1940. Animator Art Babbitt once noted that Geppetto was his favorite character to animate. Perhaps this is because of Geppetto's playful, positive attitude and expressive mannerisms. Geppetto is a humble old man, who gleefully spends a majority of his time working on unique creations in his workshop. Most of these creations are meant for the entertainment of both himself and others, presenting Geppetto as a child-at-heart.

    Many film historians consider this to be the film that most closely approaches technical perfection of all the Disney animated features. Film critic Leonard Maltin said, "with Pinocchio, Disney reached not only the height of his powers, but the apex of what many critics consider to be the realm of the animated cartoon.” In this Key Production Cel Setup on Matching Production Background, Geppetto measures 6 1/4" tall. Own a piece of animation history today! $11,995 framed