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Animation Sensations has been a world leading Animation Art Gallery since 1989. We specialize in buying and selling original vintage and contemporary animation art from Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, Peanuts, Linda Jones Enterprises and other animation studios. 

Our vast collection of original animation art includes production cels, production drawings, storyboards, layouts, original backgrounds, and limited edition cels featuring some of the most beloved characters ever brought to life by the world's best animators.

Buying or selling animation art? Look no further than Animation Sensations for the best, most professional animation gallery found anywhere in the world!

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  • Original Walt Disney Production Drawing of Aurora and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty

    We are pleased to offer an original  Walt Disney production drawing of Aurora and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. This iconic film has become a classic for it's distinctive look that separates it from all other princess films from the studio. 

    Following the first two successful princess films, Cinderella and Snow White, Disney wanted to find ways to make Sleeping Beauty Unique. Walt Disney worked with artist Eyvind Earle to create the film’s distinctive style. Finding inspiration in paintings from the Italian Renaissance, the artist created a stylized, angular design for the characters and backgrounds. This style was very painstaking and time consuming. “That’s why it took us six years and $6 million to make Sleeping Beauty. But to us, it was worth it,” Walt said.

    In this production drawing, Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip look into each others’ eyes and dance while “Once Upon Dream” plays. Flora and Merryweather continue to fight over the color of Aurora’s dress and turn it blue and pink as the music fades. Own a piece of animation history today! $1,550 framed

  • Original Walt Disney Art Corner Production Cel Set-up from The Jungle Book featuring Baloo and Flunkey

    We are pleased to offer a Walt Disney production cel set-up from The Jungle Book. This cel set-up was originally purchased at the Art Corner store in Disneyland. 

    This piece features Flunkey and Baloo, two of the funkiest and spunkiest characters in The Jungle Book. They both can’t resist dancing and getting in the spotlight when they hear a beat. Flunkey is seen fanning King Louie with a leaf at the beginning of “I Wanna Be Like You.” He dances, whistles, sings while waving the leaf around like a bass. King Louie gets annoyed with him trying to upstage him and tries to push him away. Baloo bursts into the scene wearing a disguise of coconuts and a grass skirt so he can join the party. 

    Flunkey is known for belting out the final line “Can learn to be like someone like me!” As Baloos costume falls apart.  

    The Jungle Book has been widely acclaimed by animators, with Eric Goldberg declaring the film "boasts possibly the best character animation a studio has ever done” Own a piece of animation history today! $1,000 framed

  • Original Walt Disney Production Drawing from Cinderella

    We have an  original Walt Disney production drawing from Cinderella (1950) featuring Cinderella and Prince Charming. In this scene, Prince Charming and Cinderella run out of the palace after their wedding, down the steps towards the carriage with sparrows holding up her veil behind her. Cinderella’s wedding slipper falls off again, but this time the King was there to catch it and put the slipper back on Cinderella’s foot. “Have faith in your dreams and someday a rainbow will come smiling through” starts to play in the background. The song “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” plays throughout the film, and is the basis for many Disney promotions (“where dreams come true”).


    This production drawing includes animators’ notes about the movement of Cinderella’s gown and the placement of Prince Charming’s leg. Own a piece of animation history today! $1,350 framed

  • Original Walt Disney Production Cels on Courvoisier Background from Fantasia

    The Sorcerer's Apprentice is the third and most famous segment in Disney's Fantasia and went on to be the only returning segment in its sequel, Fantasia 2000.

    The scene begins with the sorcerer practicing his magic while Mickey fulfills his chores of carrying buckets of water back and forth. Later when the sorcerer goes to sleep, Mickey dons the wizard’s hat. He enchants a broom with arms and legs so it can carry the buckets of water for him.  

    Even before Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered, Walt Disney was playing with the idea of creating an animated short set to Paul Dukas's 1897 scherzo. Mickey’s role was originally intended for Dopey, but Disney decided Mickey needed a reboot. The Mouse got a complete redesign to become both cuter and more expressive.

    "For sentimental reasons, I think Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer's Apprentice is my favorite. He made me what I am today.”-Walt Disney  

    We are pleased to this production cel on courvoisier background featuring Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer's apprentice. Own a piece of animation history today! SOLD