Original Walt Disney Production Drawing from Pinocchio featuring Pinocchio

Studio: Disney
Medium: Production Drawing
Film: Pinocchio
Year: 1940
Characters: Pinocchio
Edition: One of a kind
Unframed Size: 12" x 10"
Original Disney production drawing from Pinocchio featuring Pinocchio
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Walt Disney's second full-length, cel-animated feature film, Pinocchio, is hailed by animation industry experts for its technical perfection. The beautiful, detailed animation art from this film is spectacular.

Pinocchio has a number of intense action sequences, including the Monstro scene, in which Jiminy and Pinocchio are swallowed by a whale. Monstro, the evil, gigantic whale who appears as the villain at the film's climax, was animated by Wolfgang Reitherman, one of Disney's "nine old men" and the go-to guy for Disney action sequences. Our animation art gallery has a fantastic selection of drawings from this classic scene.

Pinocchio was directed by Ben Sharpsteen and Hamilton Luske. The best animators worked on this film, including Frank Thomas, Milton Kahl, Oliver M. Johnston Jr., Wolfgang "Woolie" Reitherman, Eric Larson, Jack Campbell, Les Clark, Hamilton Luske, Don Lusk, Fred Moore, Harvey Toombs, Marvin Woodward, Milt Neil, John Bradbury, Phil Duncan, Cornett Wood, Bob Youngquist, John Reed, and Lars Calonius. Pinocchio won two Academy Awards--one for Best Musical Score and the other for Best Original Song with the now classic "When You Wish Upon a Star."

Pinocchio is a major part of animated film history. Original production cels, drawings and limited edition cels from this historic motion picture are important works of art and a valuable part of any collection. Animation Sensations, a leading animation art gallery since 1989, buys and sells Pinocchio animation art. Browse our wesite for great values on animation art.