Original Warner Brothers Bob Clampett Limited Edition Cel Any Bonds Today

Studio: Warner Brothers / Bob Clampett
Medium: Limited Edition Cel
Film: Bugs Bond Rally (1941)
Title: Any Bonds Today
Year: 1990
Characters: Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig
Edition: 382/500
Framed Size: 19" x 17"
This hand-painted limited edition cel with background is from the original animation of Bob Clampett's 1941 two minute trailer "Bugs Bond Rally," starring Bugs Bunny and co-starring Porky Pig and (the pre-diet conscious) Elmer Fudd. Bugs implores the audience to buy U.S. Government Treasury Bills as he sings and dances his way through Irving Berlin's song, "Any Bonds Today." Actually completed before the outbreak of World War Two, over 7,500 prints of this cartoon were distributed making it the most widely released Warner short of all time. In this scene, Bugs, Porky and Elmer give it the rousing finale.

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