Original Walt Disney Production Cel on Courvoisier Airbrushed Background from Dumbo

Studio: Disney
Medium: Production Cel on Courvoisier Airbrushed Background
Film: Dumbo
Year: 1941
Characters: Timothy Mouse
Edition: One of a kind
Framed Size: 16 1/2" x 16"
Original Walt Disney production cel on Courvoisier airbrushed background featuring Timothy Mouse from Dumbo.

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Dumbo was Disney Studio’s fourth feature-length animated film. It followed the big-budgeted Fantasia, and to recoup some of its cost, Dumbo was produced at a fraction of Fantasia’s budget. What Dumbo may have lacked in funds, it made up for in heart, following the plight of a big-eared baby elephant, who is mocked and tormented by other animals at a circus. Dumbo was a critical and financial success, earning two Academy Award nominations and winning Best Original Music, which included the now- classic song “When I See an Elephant Fly." Mrs. Jumbo, an elephant in the circus, has her prayers answered when the stork brings her a baby boy. Everyone is joyful until it is revealed that Jumbo Jr. has immensely big ears. He quickly becomes the laughingstock of the circus and is nicknamed Dumbo. The teasing is difficult for Mrs. Jumbo and one day her patience runs out. She attacks a group of kids taunting Dumbo and is locked away, leaving Dumbo and his mouse friend, Timothy Q. Mouse, to fend for themselves. One of the most memorable scenes, Pink Elephants on Parade, comes when Dumbo and Timothy accidentally drink champagne and get tipsy. The next morning they awake high in a tree, and Timothy is convinced that Dumbo flew them there with his ears as wings. Three crows in the tree also try to help Dumbo by giving him one of their tail feathers and telling him it’s magic. His confidence bolstered with the feather, Dumbo takes a leap and flies through the air. Dumbo is then given the role of jumping off a tower as tall as the tent in the next circus performance. With his newfound magic feather, he is less afraid of the fall, but while in mid-air, he loses the feather and panics. Timothy comes to rescue and convinces Dumbo that he can fly without the feather. Dumbo shocks the crowd by flying around the tent and comes to rest on the tent floor to cheers and applause. From that day forward, Dumbo is a star. He is reunited with his mother and travels first-class from town to town, met by crowds clamoring to see the famous flying elephant.