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  • Original Walt Disney Production Cel on Courvoisier Background featuring Figaro

    We are pleased to offer an original Walt Disney  production cel from Pinocchio featuring Figaro. The feisty little cat is a beloved character animated by Eric Larson. Basing the kitten's childlike personality on that of his own nephew, Larson combined this human mind with the natural movements of a cat. 

    In this scene, Geppetto and Figaro are snuggling into bed. Geppetto says “wouldn’t be nice if he were a real boy? Oh well, c’mon, we’ll go to sleep.” Figaro wiggles down into bed and falls asleep. Seconds later, Geppetto says “aw, Figaro.” Figaro wakes up with a jolt, crosses his arms and furrows his brow. “I forgot to open the window.” Figaro angrily kicks off his blanket and climbs up to the window. White light glows into the room and Geppetto sees the wishing star. He says the famous lines “I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.”  

    Figaro has also starred independently in a number of Disney shorts, as the pet of Minnie Mouse alongside Pluto. After theses shorts he took a 50th hiatus from Disney cartoons, but remains a favorite classic character for his role in Pinocchio. Own a piece of animation history today! $2,500 framed

    • Original Walt Disney Production Cel of Tootsie from Donald's Penguin

      We are pleased to offer an original production cel on Courvoisier background from Donald’s Penguin featuring Tootsie the Penguin. In this 1939 theatrically released Walt Disney short, Donald Duck receives a mystery gift from Admiral Byrd of the South Pole. He opens the box and inside finds a sleeping penguin, Tootsie, surrounded by ice. 

      At first, Donald Duck thinks Tootsie is entertaining. He follows Tootise around, imitating how the penguin walks. He suddenly yells "Boo!" and Tootsie slips and crashes into the wall. Conflict arises when Tootsie, being a normal little penguin, wants to eat Donald’s gold fish.

      As the animator Fred Spencer has put it: "The Duck gets a big kick out of imposing on other people or annoying them, but he immediately loses his temper when the tables are turned. In other words, he can dish it out, but he can't take it." In the end, they make up and the short ends with Donald Duck and Tootsie hugging. 

      This piece measures 13 x 13 inches in a beautiful complimenting black and gold frame with top of the line museum glass. Own an adorable piece of animation history today! $1,200 framed

      • Original Hanna Barbera Production Cel on Production Background from Tom and Jerry "Royal Cat Nap"

        We are pleased to offer an original Hanna Barbera production cel on production background from Tom and Jerry. This cel is from the short “Royal Cat Nap” from the Mouseketeer series. Hanna and Barbera found endless variations on the cat-chases-mouse theme. Barbera's storyboards and rough layouts and designs, combined with Hanna's timing, resulted in MGM's most popular and successful cartoon series.

        In this short, Jerry and his nephew Nibbles, also known as Tuffy, are enjoying some cheese from the bedside of a sleeping French king. The naive and careless Nibbles, crashes into a tea cup, causing the the king to wake up. The King orders Tom to make sure the mice do not disturb his sleep again, or he will be sent to the gallows. The Mice see this as an opportunity to mess with Tom. Eventually, Jerry and Nibbles lock Tom in the bedroom and shoot an arrow at him through the keyhole. With no where to go, Tom screams and wakes up the king, who says “off with your head!” Nibbles decides to save Tom by singing the king to sleep with Frère Jacques.

        Astute collectors have noted that this set up appears to look slightly different than when viewed in the cartoon. The action in the short includes the characters racing in and out of the kings bedroom. Therefore, the door is also a cel and not a part of the production background.

        “Royal Cat Nap” is the 111th one-reel animated short of the original 114 cartoons created for MGM studios before Hanna Barbera created The Flintstones, The Smurfs, Scooby Doo and more. Own a piece of animation history! $1,200 framed

        • Original Walt Disney Three Production Cel Set-up from The Lion King

          We are pleased to offer an original three production cel set up, one of which is a production overlay, from Walt Disney’s The Lion King. The Lion King was created during what is considered the “Disney Renaissance.” Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers praised the film and felt that it was "a hugely entertaining blend of music, fun and eye-popping thrills, though it doesn't lack for heart.” 

          In this quick scene, we get to see the personalities of Nala, Simba, Sarabi, and Sarafina interacting. Simba runs down to the rocks to find Nala and tell her about “a really cool place,” he has heard about, the elephant graveyard. Sarabi inquires “Where is this really cool place?” Simba lies and says he wants to show Nala something at the waterhole. Sarabi agrees that they can go as long as Zazu goes with them, much to their annoyance.

          This three cel setup from The Lion King originally sold in Sotheby's "The Art of The Lion King: Saturday, February 11, 1995" Auction, Lot 40. The cel set up sold for $17,250. $6,000 framed

          • Original Walt Disney Production Cels on Color Copy Background from The Jungle Book featuring Shere Khan

             We are pleased to offer an original  Walt Disney production cel from The Jungle Book featuring Shere Khan. The Jungle Book is a unique film because it is the last film to be produced by Walt Disney, who died during its production. This production cel also has a connection to Walt Disney studios history, being purchased in the 1960’s at The Art Corner Store at Disneyland in Burbank, California.

            As the Villian of the Jungle Book, Shere Khan acts as the physical embodiment of power and composure. With a dignified manner of carrying himself, and a strong sense of pride and elegance, the ruthless tiger is viewed as the uncorroborated ruler of the jungles of India. All members of the jungle fear him. Fire and guns are the only things Shere Khan fears, and he therefore kills Humans at every opportunity.  His return to the jungle causes Bagheera and Baloo to try to save Mowgli by returning him to the human village. 

            On his own quest to find Mowgli, Shere Khan encounters Kaa just as he has successfully hypnotized Mowgli. The snake denies any knowledge of the man-cub. Shere Khan doesn't believe him and says a line that embodies his egotistical and menacing personality “Oh, please don't insult my intelligence. It makes me irritable.”

            Shere Khan is an iconic Disney villian, proven by the 2016 live action remake’s decision to have him appear once again as the main antagonist. This Production Cel has a Disney color copy background. SOLD