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  • Warner Brothers Virgil Ross Animation Drawing

    We are pleased to offer an  original signed animation drawing by Virgil Ross. Animator Virgil Ross had an expansive career as an artist working for many major animation studios. Some of these include Charles B. Mintz (known for Oswald the Rabbit), Ub Iwerks studio (known for contributing on the creation of Mickey Mouse) and the Walter Lantz studio. 

    In 1935 Ross began working at Warner Brothers Animation Studios. While at the studio he worked with different animators including  other notable animator Friz Freleng. Of the many characters Ross animated, he is most closely associated with Bugs Bunny. As the animator for "A Wild Hare", generally regarded as the first appearance of Bugs Bunny, Ross had a first person view of the creation of the character.

    Ross also did a great deal of work involving Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Tweety Bird, and many others, including Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. When handling long-eared characters such as Bugs or Wile E. Coyote, Ross occasionally tilted or waved an ear in otherwise-static scenes. 

    In this drawing, Marvin the Martian points his Acme Disintergrating Ray Pistol toward Elmer Fudd while Wile E. Coyote smirks and motions back to Elmer. Bugs Bunny smiles and holds a smiling Tweety in the air. Bugs looks like he is up to some of his playful, mischievous games as the Roadrunner watches the antics with a grin. Own a piece of animation history today! Call for Value.

    • Original Walt Disney Production Cel from Dumbo on Courvoisier Background

      We are pleased to offer an  original walt disney production cel from Dumbo on Courvoisier background. In this scene, Dumbo triumphs over his many obstacles and soars over the crowd of people who had previously treated him so poorly. This is the first time he is able to believe in himself and fly without use of the "magic feather". His only friend, Timothy Mouse, is riding in his hat cheering him on.

      Dumbo’s simple animation style and design stands apart from other Disney films from the 40’s. Dumbo and Snow White are the only two classic Disney features to use watercolor to render the backgrounds. The other Disney features used oil paint and gouache. Lilo & Stitch drew influences from Dumbo and made use of watercolor backgrounds.

      The audience reaction to Dumbo was overwhelmingly positive. Bosley Crowther, film critic for The New York Times, said that the film was "the most genial, the most endearing, the most completely precious cartoon feature film ever to emerge from the magical brushes of Walt Disney's wonder-working artists." The emotional journey and big heart of Dumbo has kept it a classic for all these years.

      In this piece, Dumbo measures 7 1/2" wide and 2" tall. Timothy Mouse is 1" tall. Own a piece of animation history today! Call for Value.

      • Original Walt Disney Production Cel on Courvoisier Background From Pinocchio, Signed Walt Disney

        We are pleased to offer an original Walt Disney Production cel on Courvoisier background from Pinocchio. In this scene, Pinocchio still has donkey ears from almost being completely transformed into a donkey on pleasure island. The donkey ears float in the current of the water under the sea in the impressively animated ocean scenes. After some whimsical moments playing with the friendlier sea creatures, Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket are soon swallowed by Monstro the whale. In the belly of Monstro, they are reunited with Gepetto, Cleo and Figaro.

        After being sneezed out of the whale’s belly and an epic underwater chase scene, they all escape to the safety of the shore. Animator Ollie Johnston said "I think that's one of the finest things the studio's ever done." This was echoed by animator Frank Thomas who said, "The water looks so real a person can drown in it, and they do." To help give depth to the ocean, the animators put more detail into the waves on the water surface in the foreground. After the animation was traced onto cels, the animators would trace it once more with blue and black pencil leads to give the waves a sculptured look. These techniques enabled Pinocchio to be one of the first animated films to have highly realistic effects animation. 

        This original Walt Disney production cel is trimmed to image and applied to an airbrushed Courvoisier background from Pinocchio. Mat signed "Walt Disney" (secretarial signature). Framed with museum glass. Own a piece of animation history today! Call for Value.

        • Original Walt Disney Production Drawing of Aurora and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty

          We are pleased to offer an original  Walt Disney production drawing of Aurora and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. This iconic film has become a classic for it's distinctive look that separates it from all other princess films from the studio. 

          Following the first two successful princess films, Cinderella and Snow White, Disney wanted to find ways to make Sleeping Beauty Unique. Walt Disney worked with artist Eyvind Earle to create the film’s distinctive style. Finding inspiration in paintings from the Italian Renaissance, the artist created a stylized, angular design for the characters and backgrounds. This style was very painstaking and time consuming. “That’s why it took us six years and $6 million to make Sleeping Beauty. But to us, it was worth it,” Walt said.

          In this production drawing, Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip look into each others’ eyes and dance while “Once Upon Dream” plays. Flora and Merryweather continue to fight over the color of Aurora’s dress and turn it blue and pink as the music fades. Own a piece of animation history today! $1,550 framed

          • Original Walt Disney Art Corner Production Cel Set-up from The Jungle Book featuring Baloo and Flunkey

            We are pleased to offer a Walt Disney production cel set-up from The Jungle Book. This cel set-up was originally purchased at the Art Corner store in Disneyland. 

            This piece features Flunkey and Baloo, two of the funkiest and spunkiest characters in The Jungle Book. They both can’t resist dancing and getting in the spotlight when they hear a beat. Flunkey is seen fanning King Louie with a leaf at the beginning of “I Wanna Be Like You.” He dances, whistles, sings while waving the leaf around like a bass. King Louie gets annoyed with him trying to upstage him and tries to push him away. Baloo bursts into the scene wearing a disguise of coconuts and a grass skirt so he can join the party. 

            Flunkey is known for belting out the final line “Can learn to be like someone like me!” As Baloos costume falls apart.  

            The Jungle Book has been widely acclaimed by animators, with Eric Goldberg declaring the film "boasts possibly the best character animation a studio has ever done” Own a piece of animation history today! $1,000 framed